Many questions and concerns can be answered here.

If your question or concern is not answered here, please contact us at info@bluesealkielbasa.com.

Is your kielbasa fully cooked?

Yes, our Blue Seal Brand kielbasa is fully cooked.

Is your Fresh Kielbasa cooked?

No. Our Fresh Kielbasa is not cooked and will need to be cooked prior to eating.

Why is there no label on your kielbasa saying it is cooked?

Kielbasa is an “assumed to be cooked” product. No label is needed to say that is cooked.

I just placed an order online, when will I receive it?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 24 hours but may take up to a week. Holidays can increase processing and shipping times. Depending on the shipping preference selected, orders are received within 1 to 2 business days after shipping.

I placed my order and I didn’t receive my tracking information yet. Why?

Tracking information is provided after the order has shipped to the email provided. It is very important to double-check the email address provided in order to receive any notifications from us.

Is your kielbasa Gluten-free?


Why is the shipping so expensive?

The shipping is determined by the shipping preference selected and the distance of the order’s destination from us. The further away it is, the more it costs. We do not determine the shipping costs as the service is provided from a third party.

Why can’t I ship to my P.O. Box?

We cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses because our product is perishable and will need to be refrigerated immediately once delivered.

I love your products but I can’t seem to find them around where I live. Why is that?

We personally ship our products to locations in Massachusetts and some locations in Connecticut. We do have some distributors that will carry it further out than we can. If you live in the local delivery area and still can’t find it, ask your local grocer to contact us.

I live in Massachusetts and still do not see your products. Why?

There are several reasons why this could happen. Here are a few; the location doesn’t carry our product, the location is out of our product, the location doesn’t know there is a demand for our product.

How can I get my local store to carry your product?

Let them know you want it. If it is a location we can deliver to, have them give us a call. Letting your favorite place to buy food know that you would like a specific product is the best way to get our products there for you. The more requests they receive, the more likely it is they will have it available.

Can I purchase your products at your business? Do you sell to the public?

Yes, you can and yes we do. We enjoy seeing people and helping them with their shopping experience. Not only do we make and sell all of our Blue Seal products right here, we also sell many other items. Ask us for a product list during your next visit.

I do not like to order online. Is there another way I can ship an order?

Yes, you can come here in person or you can call us at 1 800 924 6328 and we will be happy to assist you.

What types of payment do you accept?

Online, we accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or you can pay by check. (Orders paid by check will not be shipped until payment has been received) Purchases made in person can be paid with all major credit cards (except Discover), debit cards, and cash.

Do you accept EBT?

No, we do not accept EBT at this time.

I paid for Next Day/2 Day Shipping, where is my order?

All shipping preferences apply to the shipping method. The shipping method does not mean orders will be delivered 1/2 day(s) after the order is placed. There are many reasons why an order may be delayed including but not limited to: product availability, holidays, time/day order was received, incorrect information provided, amount of orders received, etc.